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Lighting Designer
Imran Shaikh and Rohan Tambe
Light Craft & Sound Pvt Ltd.
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Claypaky goes to Bollywood in a music video for the title track from the comedy-horror film “Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2” in which Claypaky Sharpy X Frames and Mythos 2 fixtures play a starring role.  Light Craft & Sound Pvt Ltd. provided the Claypaky lighting.

The “Bhool Bhulaiyaa” franchise is a fan favorite in India.  “This project was very close to our hearts as the song from the latest film has been a blockbuster across India and remaking it [into a music video] was a bit of a challenge for us,” says Arjun Singh of Light Craft & Sound.  “But we knew how to pull it off, how to do something very fresh and new and thought what could be better than using our favorite lighting brand, Claypaky?”

The effects-intensive music video has a cool and contemporary club look and dynamic choreography.  “Given the creative brief for the song we thought Claypaky Sharpy X Frames would be a proper fit because of their hybrid nature and a framing system which no other fixture in the market has.  They would give us the classy vibe we needed for the song,” Singh says.  “We also chose Mythos 2 fixtures since they are such a reliable day-to-day fixture for us.”

The Sharpy X Frame multifunction luminaire features a four-focal plane shutter system in a lightweight, compact fixture.  Its powerful 550-Watt arc source makes it extremely bright and produces deep and vivid uniform colors.  The versatile Mythos 2 serves as both an excellent spotlight and an extraordinary beam light.

Lighting Designers Imran Shaikh and Rohan Tambe “didn’t miss any opportunity to create fabulous effects with the Sharpy X Frames,” Singh reports.  “They created magic with them, and everyone just loved them.”

All of the fixtures performed “exceptionally well with zero technical issues,” he says.  “Our relationship with Claypaky is long-standing and strong, and they are there when we need any support in terms of technical or product usage.  Light Craft has always chosen and believed in Claypaky and loves using their all products.”

Pankil Ahuja is Claypaky’s Sales Manager for India and the sub-continent.