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Claypaky Fixtures Light Up Hiperkarma’s 20th Anniversary Concert in Budapest
Lighting Designer
Bence Nagy
Soul Light Kft.
Photo Credits
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On March 2020 Hungarian alternative rock band Hiperkarma celebrated its 20th anniversary with a few close friends – all 6,500 of them at the Laszlo Papp Budapest Sports Arena, Hungary’s biggest sports complex.  A large complement of Claypaky lighting fixtures helped illuminate the concert, which was held on February 7, 2020 after almost two months of rehearsals.

Soul Light Kft. provided the Claypaky fixtures for the event with Attila Kolozsi the Crew ChiefBence Nagy was the Lighting Designer and Console Operator.

“The rental company only had eight hours to build the whole stage, rigging and lighting so I needed to focus on the simplicity of the design,” Nagy explains.  “It looked like a regular festival setup, but it was a bit different because I tried to make some ‘groups’ of fixtures.”  The lights were mounted on four trusses at various heights; the shortest was seven meters from the stage.

“I chose Claypaky lights because I love their colors!  For this show their color mixing was very important as was their ability to do great effects with the multiprisms, great frost function and high-range zoom.  Claypaky fixtures are also very trustworthy,” says Nagy.

He notes that the concert featured five guests so 11 musicians were always on stage.  The show, with 38 songs, lasted two hours and had “no timecode or triggers or anything else – it was all live at the console for me.”

Nagy utilized 12 Claypaky Alpha Wash 1500s for frontlights.  “They are a really trusty fixture with nice color mixing and high brightness – they were absolutely enough to illuminate the whole stage,” he reports.

Sixteen Sharpys and 26 Sharpy Plus provided effects lighting.  “This was my first time using Sharpy Plus, and I was really happy with it,” Nagy says.  He also chose 16 A.leda B-EYE K20s and a dozen Stormy CCs for more effects.

Nagy opted for 12 Mythos 2 fixtures as keylights, which proved to be “a very good choice,” he notes.  Lighting control was done on a grandMA3 Light with NPU “M.”

“Bence was very satisfied with the quality and reliability of the Claypaky fixtures and has decided to use them  for future events and tours as well,” says Gabor Nemeh, Commercial Director with Pelyhe & Tarsa Kft, Claypaky’s distributor in Hungary.

For the concert Wustberg created the visual design, QMB LED and Császár András provided the LED displays.