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QVision illuminated the Amir Cup Final 2020 & inauguration of Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium Ceremonies with Claypaky lights
Lighting Designer
Mohammad Assaf & Mark Anton ; Artistic Director & Producer: Sharif Hashisho
Qvision (
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Qatar Vision Company have won the tender for the Development, Production and Management of the Amir Cup Final 2020 Ceremony the biggest football cup competition in the State of Qatar, and the inauguration Ceremony of Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium, the fourth FIFA World Cup™ stadium to open in Qatar following Khalifa International, Al Janoub and Education City. The inauguration and final took place on 18 December, during Qatar National Day and exactly two years before the country hosts the FIFA World Cup final. The event was attended by His Highness Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Althani, Amir of the State of Qatar and Giovanni Vincenzo Infantino – The President of FIFA, as well as many high dignitaries from all over the world.

Amid strict health and safety protocols, Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium were only allowed to reach approximately 50% capacity when it hosted this year’s Amir Cup final.Due to COVID-19 restrictions, tickets for the final were being limited to one per person and were linked to the holder’s Qatar ID. Following discussions between the Qatar Football Association (QFA) and the Ministry of Public Health (MOPH), any fan who attended the match must return either a positive COVID-19 antibodies test or a negative COVID-19 test prior to being allowed access to the stadium. Social distancing measures were also implemented within the vicinity of the stadium, including the fan zone and on public transport.

The 40,000-capacity stadium is adjacent to the Mall of Qatar. The stadium’s most striking feature is a glowing façade, comprised of patterns that characterise different aspects of Qatar: the importance of family, the beauty of the desert, native flora and fauna, and local and international trade. A fifth shape – a shield – brings together all the others, representing the strength and unity that is particularly relevant to the city of Al Rayyan.

Earlier this year, it was announced the stadium would host seven matches during FIFA World Cup™ Qatar 2022 up to and including the round of 16 stage.


The opening ceremony concept and creative treatment was created by the Qatari Artistic Director & Producer Sharif Hashisho, who is also the Managing Director of Qvision. Sharif Hashisho is widely acclaimed and highly honored for his previous work as a Director of Ceremonies for the 15th Asian Games, the Director of Ceremonies for the 17th Gulf Cup, the Artistic Director and Producer of the IAAF World Athletics Championship in 2019, the Artistic Director and Producer of Al Janub Stadium inauguration Ceremony, the Artistic Director and Producer of the FIFA World Cup™ Emblem launching event in 2019.

The opening ceremony concept and creative treatment for the inauguration Ceremony of Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium were inspired from the Arabic Poetry.

Poetry has always been at the heart of Arabic culture, not least as the oldest means for its earliest speakers to record their beliefs and wisdom, oral narratives, and philosophy.

It began in the Arabian Peninsula more than 1,500 years ago, predating Islam, but has now become a global art form.  Contemporary poetry is now written wherever Arab poets live, be it at home or overseas, in exile or in refugee camps.

During the past two decades, digital platforms have helped the spread of its appeal, rekindling its popularity. But it is never more popular than when it is read and shared in public, from cafes, arts festivals and radio broadcasts to TV shows, weddings, and funerals.

The opening ceremony show was all about showcasing a poetic riddle presented through a poetic dialogue between 2 famous Qatari poets who acted as the riddle presenters “Hamad Mohsen Al-Nuaimi and Ali Al Marri, who played the role of MCs in the celebration. They both presented a unique poetic riddle, and the stadium Fans participated in solving this mystery riddle.  furthermore, the Fans were requested to send their answers via text messages from their mobile phones to a dedicated phone number, and a draw were made to select the winners. The names of the winners were announced through Majlis program show in Al Kass Satellite Channel after the final match of the Emir Cup.

The correct answer for the riddle was the actual year of foundation of Al-Rayyan Sports Club “1967”, and all the visual content & 3D mapping created for the show, were an essential tool to bring the answer of the riddle as close as possible to the audience.


Based on the opening ceremony concept and creative designs made by Sharif Hashisho, Qvision the company responsible for the full production and execution of the show, have fulfilled all the technical requirements for the show in such a way to make this creative idea a true spectacular one for both the stadium and TV audience. The provided equipment include the followings: –

  1. Ground Cloth:
  • Field of Play covering special screen in the size of 120 meters wide x 65 meters deep. The screen was used to showcase the 3D field of play mapping content.
  1. Projection Equipment:
  • 20 units of Christie Digital Roadie Boxer 2K / 30000 lumens projectors were used for the show. 5 projection position were installed on the top tier of the audience grandstand, with 4 projectors stacked on each of the 5 positions.
  • A special modular server was used to control all the projectors through a 400 meters of fiber optics cable.
  • The projection equipment were provided by the French company VLS Event Technology and the content of the show were created at Maxi10sity in Hungary.
  1. Lighting Equipment:
  • 50 units of Clay Paky Scenius Unico Moving Head Projectors were used to illuminate the show cast as well as to create several beams and patterns during the show.
  • 40 units of Clay Paky Sharpy Plus Moving Head Projector were used to create several beams and patterns during the show.
  • 20 units of Clay Paky Hepikos Moving Head Projectors were used to illuminate the VIP tribune and His Highness the Amir Seating area.
  • 40 units of Clay Paky A.leda B-EYE K20 CC Moving Head wash light were used to illuminate the internal roof of the stadium.
  • 4 units of Robert Juliat CYRANO Follow Spot were used to illuminate the presenters of the show as well as the singer.
  • The entire system was controlled by 2 x Grand MA 3 Full Size consoles connected through MA network switch.
  • Lighting Designers: Mohammad Assaf & Mark Anton
  1. Audio Equipment:
  • Qvision have used the existing brand-new audio system installed in the stadium as the main source for audio, however, have added several clusters of Meyer Sound speakers to enhance the intelligibility and sound in the main VIP seating area. The installation included 16 units of MEYER SOUND M2D Compact Curvilinear Array Loudspeaker, 12 units of MEYER SOUND UPM-1P Ultra-Compact Wide Coverage Loudspeakers, 12 units of MEYER SOUND UPJ-1P Compact VariO Loudspeakers and 8 units of MEYER SOUND M2D Sub Compact Curvilinear Array Loudspeakers.
  • The entire audio system was controlled by 2 x DiGiCo SD 8 Consoles.
  • Sound Engineers: Abel Lamboson
  1. Pyrotechnics & Special EFX:
  • The special EFX for the show included a firework display provided by Pirotècnia Igual and included 4-minute fireworks display which were divided into 2 segments, the first in the Pre-show and the second at the Finale of the match during the Coronation Ceremony.
  • Qvision have also provided other special EFX including 13 units of music synchronised flame machines, 70 units of SPARKULAR EFX units, 8 x CO2 Confetti machines, and 20 CO2 Jet machines



Any decision to hold an event during the COVID-19 pandemic, no matter how large or small, should rely on a risk-based approach. Qvision have succeeded in making this event an absolute safe one for all the workers who involved in the project as well as the audience attending the ceremony and the football match. A massive risk assessment approach was designed to cover all the risk areas and issues that might arise and have truly succeeded in delivering this exceptional event at this harsh condition.