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Teatro ABC de Bogota Adds Claypaky Axcor Spot and Beam 300s for Flexible On-Stage Lighting
Lighting Designer
Dario Rodriguez
Audio Concept de Colombia, S.A.
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Teatro ABC de Bogota
in Colombia has added Claypaky Axcor Spot and Beam 300 fixtures to its rig to light musical and theatrical performances. Audio Concept de Colombia, S.A., Claypaky’s exclusive distributor in the region, advised on the purchase and provided technical support and service following the installation.

Teatro ABC opened in 2016 in northern Bogota as a multifaceted cultural space; an extensive remodel in 2018 extended seating to almost 1,000 people and upgraded the technology deployed for a wide range of productions.

Lighting Designer Dario Rodriguez , whose credits include working with Madonna, Metallica, U2’s 360 Tour and Cirque du Soleil, believed that Claypaky fixtures would optimize the flexible lighting design the venue requires.

“We went for a brand that could give us local support and new technology,” he says. “Claypaky’s Axcor line delivers color temperature correction elements, CMY, gobos and textures, which help us with our theater work.”

Since the AXCOR Spot and Beam 300s were installed they have been used non-stop for an array of performances that enable Rodriguez’s team to explore the fixtures’ potential. “The lights have been working perfectly, we have no complaints,” Rodriguez says. “Each day we find more and more options we can employ since the concerts and plays we do have such different lighting demands. The Claypaky fixtures work effortlessly. They’ve made a difference to our staging and the final result seen by the audience.”

Teatro ABC de Botoga Director Said Martinez , who has more than 20 years experience as a production manager for international music shows, TV reality series and theater, concurs with Rodriguez. “The Claypaky fixtures have made a difference,” he says. “There’s definitely a before-and-after look to our productions since we installed the Claypaky luminaires.”