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Burbank’s Volt Lites has taken delivery of one of the first large acquisitions of Claypaky Volero Wave fixtures and Panify systems in the US.

“We’re excited to be early adopters of Volero Wave and Panify as we have been in the past with other Claypaky equipment,” notes Harrison Lippman, Co-founder of Volt Lites with Matt Shimamoto.  “We always try to be ahead of the curve, and when Claypaky showed us Volero Wave and Panify we felt strongly that they would be very powerful and desirable tools for designers and other clients.”

An LED bar with original and innovative features, Volero Wave is comprised of a system of eight independent moving bodies, which offers lighting designers the ability to create original and three-dimensional light scenes within a wide array of projects. The fixtures can be aligned with each other with extreme precision and are easily set up and mounted on truss to create a wave effect.  Pixel mapping enables the control of each parameter for each single LED pixel while Advanced Layers Management allows the operator to simultaneously use three levels of effects.

Panify is a unique product that allows users to take static, non-moving lighting fixtures and turn them to create dynamic effects.  Panify accepts not only Claypaky products but also most static lights of other brands weighing up to 66 lbs.  Panify offers endless pan operation and various speeds, is IP66 rated, and can be hung in any position.  It’s not limited to lighting fixtures and can also be used to turn scenery, signs, screens and more.

Volero Wave and Panify have just arrived at Volt Lites, and the company is starting to spread the word about the new fixtures.  “We bought them with a lot of different clients and projects in mind and expect to see them moving on stage quickly once word gets out that we have them – and have them in large quantities,” says Matt Shimamoto. 

“Linear fixtures, such as Volero Wave, have always been very versatile tools.  They tend to offer longevity and diversity in application.  We like Volero Wave’s wave effect and the intensity of its beam, which throws fairly far in a large space.  The individual tilting of each pixel allows good kinetic motion for shows that take place in daytime when it’s not fully dark yet.  With lots of moving parts and pieces, Volero Wave can really help give meaning to and sell a performance.”

“Designers will enjoy the opportunity to include this new linear fixture in their designs and manipulate it in many different ways,” says Lippman.  “Volero Wave is a versatile and flexible addition to their toolbox.”

He recalls a comment from a lighting designer who saw a demo of the fixture in use.  “He said it looked like a thousand lights in the air, and that’s a very powerful statement that resonated with us and other designers.  Volero Wave is a small, compact fixture that makes a huge impact.”

Shimamoto calls Panify “a truly unique product with almost endless possibilities – it’s not a one-trick pony.”  He cites its high capacity weight load, power and data connections, and mounting style options.  “It will be great to use with Claypaky fixtures, but it also gives a new lease on life to other brands of fixtures that have been in the inventory for a while.  It can deliver for scenic, too, with semi-custom automated stage moves that used to be out of the question for budget-conscious productions.”

He also notes that Panify’s IP66 rating will expand the product’s placement in a host of environments without worrying about inclement weather, dust and pollution.

While Volero Wave and Panify will work well together, they are distinctive tools that promise to open up new creative possibilities, Shimamoto says.

“We appreciate the valuable partnership we have with the Claypaky team, especially Julie Smith and George Masek, who continue to provide us with the latest technological developments,” say Lippman and Shimamoto.  “Their ability to accurately project deadlines so we can effectively communicate with our clients has been particularly important as well. They’ve always made good on their word.”

“Working with the Volt team is always a great experience,” says Julie Smith, Managing Director, Group 1440/Claypaky U.S.  “Volt is always looking for innovative products, support and better ways of doing business.  Identifying and meeting those needs is very important to us.”