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Woodlite Sweden Invests in 200 Claypaky Xtylos and 42 Xtylos Aqua
Woodlite Sweden AB
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Woodlite Sweden AB, a lighting and stage equipment rental company with offices in Karlstad and Stockholm, was one of the first companies to invest in the Claypaky Xtylos. Last year took delivery of 200 Claypaky Xtylos fixtures, the Claypaky moving head light with a laser light source. Woodlite’s rental stock, which includes numerous other Claypaky fixtures, supports customers in putting on unique and great shows with the best results for their clients.

The compact Xtylos beam light is the most dynamic fixture on the market, and its custom RGB laser source, which lasts for 20,000 hours, is the powerful engine of an incredible array of colors.

“For the last several years we have enjoyed a good relationship with Claypaky and their Swedish distributor, Interlite,” says Woodlite CEO, Magnus Jansson. “Niclas Arvidsson, who runs Interlite, is very proactive in introducing us to new fixtures, especially those that have great potential. We considered buying some Xtylos fixtures, but then we were approached by Ampco Flashlight, a significant client of ours in The Netherlands with a request for 200 Xtylos for a major upcoming event in 2020. Everything was paused due to COVID-19 until the beginning of 2021, but at that time we went ahead and ordered the Xtylos.”

Woodlite’s 200 Xtylos were among the 500 Xtylos fixtures provided by Ampco Flashlight, the official technical supplier for the Eurovision Song Contest 2021, to Lighting Designer Henk-Jan van Beek for the competition – a popular live and televised event across Europe.

Late last year, Woodlite further expanded its Claypaky fleet by acquiring 42 Xtylos Aqua – the IP66 rated fixtures, and using 30 of them in “Dialog,” the installation by Lighting Designer Fredrik Jönsson during the Nobel Week Lights Stockholm. Jönsson contacted Interlite ABdistributor of Claypaky in Sweden in the early stages of the project with the request for the Xtylos Aqua. With a swift action the needs of the projected were worked out between Eyebrow Design (the company of Fredrik Jönsson), Interlite AB as Claypaky distributor and Woodlite as a supplier of equipment.

Currently, Woodlite is providing the Xtylos and Xtylos Aqua not only in Sweden, but also in other countries for events and installations around the world, especially in the Middle East.

Looking ahead, Woodlite’s Jansson believes the Xtylos will offer “a great experience to our customers,” and he praises the fixture’s “narrow beam and colors. We appreciate the support we’ve had from Interlite and Claypaky for these new fixtures and look forward to sending them out the door to give our clients many happy experiences.”