FUL Firmware Uploader


FUL Firmware Uploader

Born from one of the fastest interfaces available on the market, Clay Paky’s Firmware Uploader Kit gives you a safe and fast way to upgrade your fixture’s firmware.

  • Entirely microprocessor controlled electronics
  • 1500V full isolation to protect your computer from any kind of surge
  • Both in and out connectors, allowing you to upload firmware whether from  the start or the beginning of DMX lines
  • Internal frame buffer
  • User upgradeable internal firmware


  • Scenius Spot and Scenius Profile
  • Hepikos, Mythos and Supersharpy
  • Spheriscan and Spherilight
  • SharBar and Show-Batten 100
  • A.leda Series (B-Eye e Wash)
  • Alpha 1500 Series
  • Alpha 800 and 700 Series
  • Sharpy and Sharpy Wash 330
  • Stormy, GlowUp Strip 100 and GlowUp