Xtylos Aqua (IP66)


Xtylos Aqua (IP66) Xtylos Aqua (IP66)

Capitalizing on its groundbreaking light source technology and the global popularity of the XTYLOS fixture used on some very high-profile productions, Claypaky is proud to introduce the next in the series of laser-based fixtures, the XTYLOS AQUA. The XTYLOS AQUA is IP66 rated and comparable in features and performance of the original XTYLOS.

While the initial thought of the XTYLOS AQUA as an evolutionary product growing from the XTYLOS fixture, it is revolutionary in design to withstand some of the harshest conditions offering marine-grade C5-M protection (according to Standard ISO 9227-2017) from the elements and it is fitted with a fan to eliminate condensation from the front lens for consistent output and beam performance.

Featuring a wireless DMX system integrated as standard, the Xtylos Aqua is a small, form factor, IP66-rated fixture powered by its innovative and proprietary RGB laser source. It offers the same effects and features of the original XTYLOS, making it the first of its kind on the market. The fixture’s tight, uniform beam makes awe-inspiring aerial effects. Equipped with two gobo wheels (one rotating gobo wheel with seven rotating gobos and a static gobo wheel with 12 gobos), a prism wheel with three prisms, and a sixteen-facet prism on a dedicated channel (which can be overlapped with the prism wheel), the XTYLOS AQUA gives designers the tools necessary for a wide-range of effects and looks. In addition, the fixture’s beam apertures have an extremely narrow range of 1° to 7°, which can be reduced further to 0.5° using beam reducers.

Ever since the introduction of the XTYLOS fixture, Claypaky has been focused on developing new, pioneering technologies that offer new ways to motivate designers to reach further to inspire audiences.  With the XTYLOS AQUA, this can be done both indoors as well as outdoors for television, theatre, tours, global sporting events, and much more.



  • Moving head fixture compatible for outdoors (IP66 protection rating)
  • Marine-grade C5-M protection (according to Standard ISO 9227-2017) supplied as standard
  • Light source: tailor-made RGB laser engine, enclosed in a sealed module
  • Long lasting light source (20,000 hours) with minimal decay.
  • Laser-based system with derating to preserve laser diodes.
  • Total output: 15.5Mcd
  • Solid, flat field, saturated, ultraconcentrated light beam without any visible hotspots
  • Exclusive mid-air graphic effects (BLazer effects)
  • Aperture: 1°-7° range (up to 0.5° using beam diameter reducers)
  • RGB additive color mixing, with exclusive TURBO COLORS
  • Linear virtual CTO 2500K – 6500K
  • Unequalled color consistency both across different fixtures and during lifetime
  • One wheel with 7 HD indexable and replaceable rotating gobos
  • One wheel with 12 fixed gobos (incl. 7 beam reducers)
  • One wheel with 3 rotating prisms (Convex plane, Pyramid 6 facets, Linear 6 facet) and 1 frost filter
  • Sixteen-facet prism on a dedicated channel, with rotation in both direction at variable speed
  • Unmatched effect and color change speed
  • Motorized focusing @16 bit
  • Ultra-precise 24-bit digital dimmer
  • High speed, digital stop-strobe effect
  • Compact housing with easy accessibility to all modules
  • Personalities: single mode with 31 control channels
  • Control protocols: DMX, Art-Net, RDM, sACN
  • Built-in Web Server
  • Integrated wireless DMX system as standard
  • DMX and RDM connectors: locking 5 pin XLR IN/OUT
  • Ethernet port: RJ45 IN
  • Power connector: PowerCon True1 IN/OUT
  • CloudIO Ready: fully compatible with CloudIO
  • Mains out: Max 1600VA. Max Power consumption: 400VA
  • Weight: 30.4 kg (67.2 lbs)
  • Size (LxWxH): 390 x 294 x 608 mm (15.3 x 11.6 x 23.9 in)




Operating Voltage: 100-240V, 50/60 Hz
Power Supply: Electronic auto range with active PFC

Max Power consumption: 400VA
Mains Out: Max 1600VA

Tailor-made laser engine, enclosed in a sealed module
Solid, flat field, saturated, ultra-concentrated light beam without any visible hotspots
Long lasting light source (20000 hours) with minimal decay
*It may vary depending on various factors, as type of use and environment

Aperture: 1°-7° range (up to 0.5° using beam diameter reducers)
Total lumen output: 2900 lm
Front lens diameter: 150mm
High efficiency optical system

54.2 dBA

Personalities: Single mode with 31 control channels
Integrated Wireless DMX system as standard (Wireless Solution)
Control Protocol: DMX, Art-Net, RDM, sACN
DMX and RDM connectors: Locking 5 pin XLR IN/OUT
Ethernet port: RJ45 IN
Power connector:  PowerCon True1 IN/OUT
Built In Web Server

- RGB laser based system with derating to preserve laser diodes
- Linear virtual CTO 2500K – 6500K

1 Rotating gobo wheel with 7 HD Indexable and replaceable gobos
- Ext diam. 25.9mm (cut @ 25mm)
- Image diam. 11mm
- Thickness 0.5mm

1 Static gobo wheel with 12 gobo slots: 5gobos and 7 beam reducers

Rotating Effects
- Rotating Prisms disk: Convex plane, Pyramid 6 facets, Linear 6 facets, Frost
- 16 Facets prism with rotation in both direction at variable speed

- Tilt: 248° - 16bit
- Pan: 540° - 16bit
- Accuracy: Resolution ± 0.63° (Range 1.26°)
- Automatic repositioning
- Fast/Normal speed selectable by Function channel
- Mechanical Pan/Tilt lock for safe transportation and maintenance

- 1° aperture – beam mode
- Motorized Focus – 16bit

- Very precise 0-100% digital dimmer, dimmer Resolution: 24 bit
- High speed electronic Shutter and Strobe

Long life self-charging battery
Display Graphic LCD backlit b/w Display
Firmware upload from another fixture
Firmware Upgrade via Web Server
DMX monitoring
Remote access through RDM
CloudIO compatibility

Aluminum and steel structure with plastic covers
Two side handles for transportation
IP66 protection rate
Marine Grade C5-M (according to Standard ISO 9227-2017)

Working in any position
Hanging system: with fast-lock omega clamps (1/4 turn) on the base pn 183102/805
Optional safety chain

Max ambient temperature 40°C (104°F)
Min ambient temperature -20°C (-4°F)
Max temperature of the external surface 60°C (140°F)
Total heat dissipation: 1366 BTU/hr ±10% / 1440 kJ/hr ±10%

Minimum distance of illuminated objects 10 meters (32’ 10”)
Minimum distance from flammable materials 0.2 meters (8”)
Thermally protected power supply (overheating and cooling failure)
Forced ventilation with axial fans and heat sink
Fuse T6A – 250V

In conformity with the European Directives:
- 2014/35/EU Safety of electrical equipment supplied at low voltage (LVD)
- 2014/30/EU Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)
- 2011/65/EU Restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances (RoHS)
- 2009/125/EC EcoDesign requirements for Energy-related Products (ErP)
cETLus Listed

Carton box + Polystyrene
Carton box + Foam shell
Flight case + Foam shell (2 positions)

30.4 Kg (67.2 lbs).
390x294mm (base dimension) – 608mm with vertical head (h)
Distance between two fixtures 400mm

Omega clamps: 2x183102/805 (included)
Foam shell: F21323/001 (optional)
Flight case: F21323 (optional)
Power cord: CAB0L1/802 - ETL (included)
Safety Chain: 105041/001 (optional)


You can find manuals, datasheets, DMX channel charts, photometrics, CAD symbols, spare parts, firmware files, schematics, technical notes, etc... in the new dedicated Claypaky Customer Care website (restricted access):

Claypaky customer care

Xtylos Aqua (IP66) - demo presentation