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Shield Family (IP66): born with the goal of creating a new standard of weather resistant fixtures that are high-performance, ultra-durable, and long-lasting, these IP66 certified lights have unique advantages, not only in performance but also in handling and use. Whether used indoors or outdoors, the high level of impenetrability minimizes the need for maintenance and the resulting use of time and resources, allowing you to fully dedicate yourself to the show.

They offer an IP66 degree of protection which is greater than the average protection offered by the products currently on the market. IP rating refers to ingress protection rating or international protection ratings, which are used to qualify levels of dust- and water-sealing effectiveness. It is crucial to consider IP ratings if the fixtures are installed in dusty or wet environments.

On top of that, our IP66 products are equipped with the harsh environment features which means that there are strictly tested to meet the rigors of vibrations and shocks from transportation, very cold ambient temperatures, impact from falling hailstones, electrical overstress, aggressive atmospheres, UV radiation and much more.

The Midi-B FX stems from the innovative idea of adding some fancy lighting effects to a moving head washlight to get a fixture that can do both RGBW wash lighting and be used as part of the set design. To do this, Claypaky has placed a long top hat on the body of a Claypaky Midi-B, and fit five parallel rings of LEDs around it, each of which can be controlled separately for a wide range of colours. This patent-pending technology allows dynamic, attractive plays on colour, which are perfect for TV studio set designs and very useful for corporate and tour lighting. As a washlight, the Midi-B FX has the same features as the Midi-B -FX with which it is fully compatible – including the optimized HD optical system, which provides a highly efficient, bright output. Its 4° to 50° zoom means it can be used in a wide variety of situations, and its 24-bit electronic dimmer provides five dimmer curves, which keep the colours balanced throughout the whole dimming range.

ADB’s Actoris Profile FC is a 6-color ellipsoidal with advanced features, incorporating state-of-the-art software which gives it top-notch performance, especially in terms of colour control. The light source is based on an RGBAL + ROYAL BLUE system, which means any desired shade of colour can be produced, including an incredible array of pastel hues, with a CRI of up to 97. It has variable colour temperature correction from 2500 K to 8000 K, and perfect Planck-curve CCT. The algorithm that regulates the colour control system is perfectly comparable to that of the Claypaky Sinfonya Profile, with advanced, standard, white, and single-channel modes. The Actoris Profile FC is a practical, smart, modular tool: you can select the optical unit you prefer to match the light fixture: you can choose from a 15°-30° zoom, a 25°-50° zoom, and seven fixed lenses (5°, 10°, 14°, 19°, 26°, 36° and 50°). The system is also compatible with other optical units.

The SKYLOS (Shield Family – IP66) is an ultra-versatile and weather-resistant fixture, with incredible light output and outstanding construction features: much more than just a classic searchlight! The Skylos will certainly also be appreciated in the touring sector, where LDs are constantly on the look-out for dense, solid beams of light and ever-greater light output. It fits a custom 300W white light laser source, which provides an extremely parallel, uniform beam. If you consider its light output and the size of the front lens, the body of this remarkable light is lightweight and compact. This allows the unit both to be moved with relative ease in any environment, and to be rigged on trusses for use on tours. Its body is IP66 protection rated and marine grade. So, it is capable of working in any weather conditions and in environments with high marine salinity and a high risk of corrosion. A sophisticated internal heating system designed specifically for this product means it can even work at very low temperatures (as low as -40°).

The AROLLA AQUA (Shield Family – IP66) is Claypaky’s top-of-the-range weather-resistant light. It is a true workhorse with IP66 rating and technical and construction features which were once unimaginable for this kind of light.  The Arolla Aqua fits a white 900 W (7000 K) LED light source, capable of a 40,000-lumen output. This means it can compete with both high-power-range lights (given its output) and medium-power-range lights (given its small size and weight). Its uniform light beam is another key feature. The high quality of the beam, its density, and the total absence of spurious lights can be appreciated with the naked eye, and its zoom can be adjusted over a linear 5.5°-50° range (9:1). The Arolla Aqua sets a new benchmark for professionals who are looking for a high-power IP66 light which is compact, reliable and complete in every aspect, with top performance.

The SHARPY-X-SPOT is a simplified Sharpy-X-Frame model, with all the same lighting, optical and construction features that have made this fixture so successful. First of all, it fits a powerful 550-Watt arc lamp, which makes this fixture extremely bright and produces deep, vivid, uniform colours, including an unparalleled deep red. If needed, the “beam shaper” module – provided as an accessory – can be added, thus turning the Sharpy-X-Spot into a fully-fledged Sharpy-X-Frame! The module is automatically recognized by the product firmware. The Sharpy-X-Spot is ideal for those who want a light with excellent performance and a cost/performance ratio without equal on the market.

The MINI-B AQUA (Shield Family – IP66) was created to meet the huge demand from lighting professionals for a weather resistant, lightweight, compact, agile mini-washlight. It is IP66 protection rated, making it suitable for all kinds of outdoor use. However, it is also ideal for indoor installation since it does not require the same levels of maintenance as ordinary IP20 fixtures thanks to the total protection of its internal components against dust.

The MINI-B SPOT is not only the perfect complement to the Claypaky Mini-B and Mini-B Aqua, but it also has innovative, exclusive features that will make it every lighting designer’s favourite choice! The light source is based on a 70W white LED engine, capable of delivering 3500 Lumen, but with a power consumption of only 150W. Claypaky has also developed a proprietary optical unit that optimizes light intensity and light output. Mini-B Spot is bound to become extremely popular also in the installation and cruise ship markets, where versatile, small fixtures with a big punch are sought after.

The XTYLOS AQUA (Shield Family) is IP66 rated and comparable in features and performance of the original Xtylos. While the initial thought of the Xtylos Aqua as an evolutionary product growing from the Xtylos fixture, it is revolutionary in design to withstand some of the harshest conditions offering marine-grade C5-M protection from the elements and it is fitted with a fan to eliminate condensation from the front lens for consistent output and beam performance.

The VOLERO WAVE is an amazing LED bar with original and innovative features. It is made up of a system of eight moving heads, each one independently capable of a 220° tilt, thus producing never-seen-before three-dimensional volumetric projections. Each of these heads contains a brand-new mirror-based optical system combined with 40W RGBW LEDs. Their synchronized movement produces an impressive wave of light, all the more overwhelming the more Volero Wave units you seamlessly connect to each other.

The TAMBORA LINEAR 60 is a compact, 60mm static LED pixel bar designed for versatile lighting effects and artistic set decorations. It offers all the features of the Tambora Linear LED bar range and is particularly suitable for applications in narrow environments.

The BUDDYLIGHT is Claypaky’s brand new remote followspot system. It follows performers and speakers automatically, in a quick and easy way. The Buddylight can be used either in an Art-Net or DMX network – by setting up control priority management with the console – or in standalone mode, where it really comes into its element! The Buddylight marks a further step towards ever greater entertainment light automation. It is perfect for theatres, auditoriums and conference rooms.