Conforme alle Direttive della Comunità EuropeaApparecchio di Classe 1 secondo la norma EN 60598-1L’apparecchio è protetto contro la penetrazione di corpi solidi di dimensione superiore a 12mm, mentre teme lo stillicidio, la pioggia, gli spruzzi e i getti d’acquaMassima temperatura ambiente consentitaC ETL USQuesto dispositivo è conforme alla Direttiva Europea 2012/19/UE - Rifiuti di apparecchiature elettriche ed elettroniche (RAEE). Nel rispetto dell'ambiente, smaltire/riciclare il prodotto al termine del suo ciclo di vita secondo le disposizioni di leggeIl prodotto è concepito per essere utilizzato nei seguenti ambiti: studi, palchi, teatri, esposizioni, fiere, eventi, parchi a tema, locali di intrattenimento, illuminazione architetturale e similiUKCA - Comply to the UK regulations

A smart, easy to use, and efficient maintenance tool for moving head fixtures, now open to other brands!


The CloudIO is an IoT device which provides technicians with complete diagnostics for most Claypaky fixtures. Starting from the version, CloudIO can also read the parameters of all RDM-compliant fixtures regardless of brand.

When the lights run checks after use, the unit collects data on hours of lamp life of each fixture, the conditions of various components in the units and update firmware, simply by connecting to the cloud.

The CLOUDIO is a compact device, equipped with a 7-inch capacitive touch screen. It has two in/out pass-through DMX connections, so it is possible to interface and communicate directly with up to 31 lights in series. This is particularly useful for rental companies, who can connect their lights to the CLOUDIO when they return from a tour. The CLOUDIO is equipped with a retrofit system, which allows it to be fitted to most of Claypaky lights.


Benefits at a glance


Multi-brand compatibility: fixtures are shown within the maintenance screen and basic parameters can be set without the need for an additional tool.

Easy and Fast Access to all information: automatic overview of fixture information.

User Friendly: a user-friendly graphical user interface provides immediate fixture information and suggestions for addressing fixtures issues.

Smart Notepad (scheduler): A smart, interactive Notepad allows the user to insert notes and activity schedules.

More Savings: thanks to all its features, CloudIO saves you the time and resources needed to perform scheduled and unscheduled maintenance of your fixture inventory.

Cloud Data and Preventive Maintenance: all data is stored in the cloud, so it is always available. Predictive maintenance available based on CloudIO’s data analysis.

Smart Coding: It offers the opportunity to link quickly the CloudIO system to the internal warehouse of the rental companies. All the fixtures are identified, and the user can insert the warehouse code inside the CloudIO system using a barcode reader or a PC.

Firmware update: one-click firmware update (**)

CPU Firmware updates on multiple models: All the Claypaky fixtures sharing the same CPU platform can be updated together in the same batch, speeding up the firmware update proves. (**)

Live Remote Assistance: technical support staff can view fixture information/status remotely in real time.

All the RDM parameters of Claypaky fixtures can be set remotely, from an optimized web interface (**)

More Flexibility: all parameters from the connected units can be checked collectively, individually or in groups, as required, including lamp life, firmware update, error diagnostics, DMX settings, batch overview and maintenance procedures. (**)

(**) Functionalities available for Claypaky fixtures only


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Main Technical features:

  • Display lcd 7 inch + capacitive touch screen
  • Internal power supply
  • Digital switch / activation
  • 2 Dmx in/out pass-through capability
  • 1 Art-Net Ready Port
  • Internet connection can be provided by cable or through wi-fi.
  • #4 Encoder
  • #3 Usb
  • 2 External antenna
  • 2 Ethernet (artnet/tcpip)
  • Visual directions and real-time trouble shooting are easily available.




1,5 Kg



240mm x 232mm x 93mm


Puoi trovare manuali, canali DMX, diagrammi fotometrici, simboli CAD, accessori, parti di ricambio, firmware, schemi, note di servizio, ecc. sul nuovo portale Claypaky dedicato al Customer Care (accesso riservato):

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