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Claypaky Enjoys Big Turnout at Mumbai’s PALM AV-ICN Expo 2022

Claypaky drew crowds at the recent PALM AV-ICN Expo 2022 in Mumbai, India’s foremost trade show for the professional sound, audiovisual and lighting industry, where it exhibited in the booth of the company’s Indian distributor, Hi Tech Audio and Image Pvt. Ltd.  Claypaky launched its Sharpy X Frame multifunction luminaire during the event and highlighted its Mini Xtylos RGB laser source fixture, among other products.

Meeting in person at PALM Expo with clients, customers and partners after a gap of two years due to the coronavirus pandemic was really exciting,” says Pankil Ahuja, Claypaky Sales Manager for India and the subcontinent.  “The exhibition was an example of how our industry is coming back very strongly; there will be more events, concerts and shows which we are very thrilled about and eager to support our customers in any way we can.”

Ahuja notes that, “Claypaky is a brand which everyone in India has a lot of respect for and recognizes as delivering premium quality products in the market for a really long time. Rental players aspire to buy Claypaky products; they have absolutely no doubt about the products.  Sharpy X Frame, Xtylos, Arolla Profile MP and Mini B, particularly, are catching the eyes of our customers.  We received quite nice feedback about these products at PALM Expo, and we are supporting our customers with the help of Hi Tech Audio and Image with product availability, competitive pricing and attractive terms.”  Rajan Gupta and Nirdosh Aggarwal headed Hi Tech Audio and Image’s presence at the show.

PALM Expo introduced attendees to Claypaky’s new Sharpy X Frame multifunction luminaire, a compact, lightweight fixture that takes the best features of the popular Sharpy line and integrates a four-focal plane shutter system.  It can produce beam effects or serve as a spot, profile or wash unit.  Its powerful 550-watt arc source makes Sharpy X Frame extremely bright and produces deep and vivid uniform colors.

Also coming in for its share of attention at PALM Expo was the Mini Xtylos, the compact version of the revolutionary Xtylos with an RGB laser source.  The Mini Xtylos maintains the same output and color consistency of its big brother but in a small footprint that weighs just 9kg.

Claypaky representatives from Italy attended PALM Expo and were impressed by the gathering and the potential of the vibrant Indian market.  “Events and shows in India are very colorful and joyful,” says Dylan De Matteo, Claypaky’s Sales Support Engineer.  “Imagine what happens when the creativity of Indian lighting designers meets the world’s best lighting brand, Claypaky!  The market needs some pointers on differentiating quality lighting equipment – their effects, colors, precise movements – from cheaper fixtures.  But with the help of our partner in India, Hi Tech Audio and Image, constant training and seminars will educate and uplift the market and boost the industry in the country.”

PALM Expo actually gave Claypaky Sales Director Alberico D’Amato a chance to meet with partners whom he’s known for more than 25 years.  “It was very exciting and emotional too,” he reports. “Certainly, the market is improving in terms of shows and events.  A very good sign is the number of international events that have started coming to India – events driven by specified lighting equipment in which Claypaky is a really strong player.”