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Claypaky presents a wide range of products at Plasa with features never seen before on the market

Claypaky took part in Plasa 2022, welcoming a large number of industry professionals and practitioners from all over the world at its booth and in the spacious rooms set up in the Henley Suite.

Alberico D’Amato, Claypaky Sales Director, said: “Plasa was, as ever, a ‘must-attend’ event for the British market, which has always been one of the most dynamic and proactive in our industry. However, we were positively surprised by the number of customers from other European countries, and even from Asia, Australia, America and the Middle East. It is a show with an international dimension!”

Claypaky presented all the products it has recently launched on the market, which stand out for their variety, versatility and unique features. The growing award-winning Xtylos family of laser-source moving heads now includes the Xtylos Aqua, featuring marine-grade C5-M protection, and the Mini Xtylos HPE, which is more energy-efficient than any other beam units made up to now. Claypaky is the only company today able to offer an entire family of laser-engine-based fixtures.

The Volero Batten Aqua is a high-performance IP66 LED moving batten. The Tambora Linear is an advanced line of static LED pixel mapping bars designed for versatile lighting effects and artistic set decoration. The Tambora Flash is the only IP66 hybrid fixture on the market that can act simultaneously as a strobe, wash light and blinder, specifically designed with a modular approach for use in a linear array.

The Sinfonya Profile 600 is a unique, low-noise LED-based unit, conceived and developed exclusively for the theatre market. The Sharpy X Frame is a multifunctional luminaire with all the Sharpy line’s best features and incorporates a four-focal plane shutter system in a lightweight, compact unit. The Arolla series features the new Arolla Profile MP and the Arolla Spot MP.

The CloudIO is the first IOT device for moving head fixtures. It opens up a whole world of information, diagnostics and remote assistance.

Alberico D’Amato went on to say: “We have had very favourable feedback from lighting professionals. The market has almost fully reopened after the COVID-19 years. There is great excitement and eagerness, and our lights are there at the forefront to lead the rebirth of our industry!”

Claypaky organized a series of daily workshops to illustrate the features of its products in detail: one was devoted to laser technology in entertainment lighting, with focus on the Xtylos family; another to the next generation of truly advanced lights for theatres, with focus on the Sinfonya Profile; and yet another to the new Claypaky effect lines Tambora and Volero, with an exclusive preview of the new, unique LED bar, which will be officially launched in the coming weeks.