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Claypaky News at Prolight+Sound 2022

After two years without almost any in-person events, we finally had the chance and pleasure to meet all sectors of our industry at ProLight+Sound 2022 in Frankfurt. Claypaky CEO and Osram Head of Business Field for Entertainment Lighting Solutions Marcus Graser said: “Over the last two years Claypaky have never stopped investing in people, innovation, process improvement and new product development. We presented a broad, versatile portfolio of over twenty products, which serve the needs inherent in various fields of use. Some of our fixtures made their international début in Frankfurt.

Today Claypaky offers one of the most complete assortments of lighting solutions both by kind of light source – lamp-based, LED-based and laser-based moving head fixtures – and by professional sector – touring and events, theatre, effect lighting, and IP66 weatherproof units. We met many professionals from our industry who told us that there is a strong desire everywhere to return to live shows and great optimism for full recovery after two years of COVID pandemic.”

**WORLD PREMIERE** VOLERO BATTEN AQUA is the new Claypaky high-performance LED moving batten. The light source is made up of 10 x 60W Osram RGBW LEDs, adopting extra-wide 80x80mm lenses and some important features like the separate control of the Zoom in 2 groups from 5 adjacent lenses. With its IP66 protection rating, standard Wireless DMX control, a large amount of effects and built-in macros it is the perfect lighting effect for the touring, event, television and installation market, and works equally well for both indoor and outdoor applications.

**WORLD PREMIERE** TAMBORA LINEAR is an advanced line of static LED Pixel mapping bars designed for versatile lighting effects and artistic set decoration. These are hybrid bars, which incorporate two complementary effects into one fixture: the first is driven by a system of 400 RGB pixel LEDs, which offer a background light very similar to that of a high definition LED wall in appearance. The second effect is created by a central line of 200 extremely powerful white LEDs for an overwhelming strobe effect.

**WORLD PREMIERE** TAMBORA FLASH is the only hybrid fixture on the market that can act simultaneously as a strobe, wash and blinder, specifically designed with a modular approach for use in a linear array, to offer new creative opportunities to lighting designers. Tambora Flash features an IP66 degree of protection, which guarantees its ideal use in outdoor applications.

Adding to the family of the award-winning SHARPY fixtures, Claypaky introduces the SHARPY X FRAME multifunction luminaire. It takes the best features of the Sharpy line and integrates a four-focal plane shutter system in a lightweight, compact unit. As a completely hybrid, multifunction fixture, the SHARPY X FRAME not limited as to beam effects, it can also be a spot, profile, or wash unit.

SINFONYA PROFILE 600 is a unique, low noise LED based fixture, conceived and developed exclusively for the theater market. Exclusive features: TONEDOWNTM for a low noise operation (27dB), ACCUFRAMETM (new framing system using 2 focal planes: 40 times more precise than traditional framing systems), New Proprietary Optical System (featuring an impressive 5° to 60° Zoom); Five-color LED Light engine (RGBAL) controlled by a special, internally developed firmware algorithm; New Calibration Syncing for matching the color temperatures to other fixtures; Absolute Position for the advanced PAN & TILT control; LINEGUARD, a new frost system using two pair of blades. Sinfonya Profile 600 is the truly next generation of lighting for Theatres

XTYLOS AQUA – How to make the hottest fixture on the market better? Make it weatherproof! The XTYLOS AQUA is the next in the series of laser-based fixtures, featuring IP66 and marine-grade C5-M protection and comparable in features and performance of the original XTYLOS.

MINI XTYLOS HPE – Ever since the introduction of the XTYLOS fixture, Claypaky has been focused on developing new, pioneering technologies that offer new ways to motivate designers to reach further to inspire audiences. New MINI XTYLOS HPE opens opportunities to bring this unique technology where smaller, energy efficient, yet powerful fixtures are required for small and large venues and events.

AROLLA PROFILE MP and AROLLA SPOT MP – A new series of LED-based moving head fixtures, the smallest and lightest ones available in their classes. While small in stature, they booth deliver powerful light output with their 470-Watt white LED engine and are full of the features you would expect in much larger, more expensive luminaires, eg. eSWAP – enabling the Profile-to-Spot (and Spot-to-Profile) interchangeability with automatic configuration.

TAMBORA BATTEN – A high-power LED batten fixture delivering an impressive 8500 lumen output, with advanced pixel mapping capabilities and unique three-layer selection, which can be arranged seamlessly in line or in a matrix for amazing lighting effects.

PANIFY – A new solution for more creative possibilities, allowing you to turn every static, non-moving fixture into dynamic effects.

ADB by Claypaky ACTORIS PARLED – A compact, silent, and efficient RGBWW Parled, perfect for use in any theatre and/or venue. The first in a series of specialized models for the theatrical sector, this product features a LED light source that produces warm color temperatures.

CloudIO – the first digital maintenance tool that enables easier, faster, and more precise remote diagnostics of moving head fixtures – now open to other brands!


Claypaky has already implemented several projects to reduce the environmental impact of its business activities. At ProLight+Sound 2022 Claypaky launched a new company initiative “Claypaky Green -Spotlight on Sustainability” to approach the topic of environmental sustainability with even greater focus and in a more systematical way. Further and more detailed info in a dedicated press release.